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Social Difficulties Among Children with Special Needs-What Can Parents Do?

Bossy-anxious Children
- Help identify when your child is anxious about socializing
- Provide encouragement and positive reinforcement to build self- esteem and reduce the need to be overly controlling.
- Identify when your child is being bossy in the moment during family interactions so they can learn the impact of their behavior in a safer, less judgmental environment.


DSM 5 Social Communication Disorder Diagnostic Criteria

Difficulties in the social use of verbal and nonverbal communication including:

-Difficulty using communication for social purposes, such as greeting others and sharing information appropriate to the social context.

-Difficulty matching communication to the context or the needs of the listener, such as talking differently to peers versus adults and friends versus strangers.


DSM 5 Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Criteria

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Social Difficulties:

Difficulty with Back and Forth Social Approach: This may involve unusual social initiation (licking or inappropriate touch), difficulty with back and forth communication, problems initiating or responding to sharing of information, inappropriate response to emotions of others (no offering of comfort or inappropriate response to praise), doesn’t initiate social interactions, poor imitation of social behaviors


ADHD Coaching versus Therapy

ADHD coaching often involves setting specific goals tailored to addressing organizational difficulties and improving focus.

-For students, these goals may involve teaching study skills, time management, and strategies to prioritize assignments.